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FA 200 Techniques for Prospecting: Prospect or Perish

Teaches advisors industry-proven methods for successfully identifying, selecting and approaching prospects for financial products and services. The course covers procedures for creating prospect awareness, target marketing concepts and prospect qualification and prioritization techniques. Students learn how to overcome the psychological barriers to prospecting and innovative approaches to setting income and activity goals. Strategic, tactical and operational business planning processes are presented in detail, along with effective contact management systems. In addition, practice management concepts, professionalism and ethics are explored.

Tuition: $498.00

Includes: text by Cohen, Okumura and Stevick, Techniques for Prospecting: Prospect or Perish, with workbook.

FA 201 Techniques for Exploring Personal Markets

Provides an in-depth look at penetrating the personal markets using the life-cycle marketing strategy and selling/planning process. Learn to segment your market into four adult life-cycle segments and recognize the common insurance and financial needs members of these market segments have. Apply this approach to new prospects and existing clients. Create a basic marketing plan to apply the life-cycle marketing strategy to your practice. Other topics covered include disability income, life, long-term care and Medicare supplement insurance; overview of investment products; special markets; and retirement and estate planning.

Tuition: $498.00

Includes: text by McLellan, Okumura and Stevick, Techniques for Exploring Personal Markets, with workbook.

FA 202 Techniques for Meeting Client Needs

Offers an introduction to the life insurance sales career and the sales/planning process in the personal market. Addresses total-needs selling, the consultative selling process and the needs for personal life insurance. Presents the skills used throughout the sales/planning process, from the initial client meeting, through fact finding and sales presentations, to servicing and continuing a mutually profitable relationship. Presents a review of insurance products, policy provisions, underwriting and service.

Tuition: $498.00

Includes: : text by Stevick, Techniques for Meeting Client Needs, with workbook.

FA 204 Marketing Financial Services to Women

Explore the marketing opportunity and demand for insurance and financial products that exist among the largest single economic force in the world American women. This course is designed to increase the financial professional’s readiness and effectiveness in marketing to, working with and serving female clients. It incorporates the latest research on women and money, best practices in marketing, relationship building, consultative selling and the six content areas of financial planning (insurance and risk management, cash management, investments, income taxation, retirement and estate planning). Since trust is essential for success in the "Women's Market" and is often absent in how women view financial professionals, the barriers and builders of trust are explored as foundational elements. Both the planning process (i.e. six steps) and scope (i.e. six areas) are examined in detail.

Tuition: $498.00

Includes: text by Quist-Newins, Women and Money - Matters of Trust, with workbook.

FA 211 Essentials of Disability Income Insurance

Examines individual disability income insurance and the related products of business buyout coverage and business overhead expense insurance. Presents the real reasons behind commonly used objections and what they tell the skilled financial advisor, and reviews proven sales approaches and ways to overcome these objections and close the sale. Also covers the use of fact finding and field underwriting in making the disability income insurance sale, how to customize the policy to meet the prospect’s objectives, and how to deliver the policy and service the plan.

Tuition: $498.00

Includes: text by Dulisse, Essentials of Disability Income Insurance, with workbook.

FA 222 Essentials of Multiline Insurance Products

This course provides multiline agents with a strategy for helping their clients obtain the various insurance and other financial products they need to achieve their dreams and protect their income and assets. The course provides an overview for how to establish the need, gather information, analyze the information and develop recommendations for products in the various levels of the revised financial planning pyramid. Products discussed include: disability income insurance, life insurance, long-term care insurance, mutual funds and annuities. Retirement and estate planning are also discussed.

Tuition: $498.00

Includes: text by Okumura, Essentials of Multiline Insurance Products, with workbook.

FA 251 Essentials of Business Insurance

Covers how life and disability income insurance can guarantee the control and value of a business following the owner’s or key person’s death, disability, or retirement through buy-sell agreements and key person insurance. Explores the basics of estate planning for the business owner. Examines what to say, how to say it and when to say it to capture the attention of the business owner.

Tuition: $498.00

Includes: text by Stevick, Essentials of Business Insurance, with workbook.

FA 257 Essentials of Life Insurance Products

Begins with an overview of the two basic types of life insurance policies—term and whole life—and then builds on that knowledge with an overview of the many product variations sold in today’s markets. The course also explores personal, family, and business uses of life insurance products, as well as policy illustrations, cost comparison methods, income and estate taxation, policy provisions, marketing ideas, and ethical issues facing the financial advisor. Provides a review of the selling/planning process for life insurance product solutions.

Tuition: $498.00

Includes: text by Stevick, Essentials of Life Insurance Products, with workbook.

FA 261 Foundations of Retirement Planning

Guides professionals in examining the retirement planning process, fact finding, methods of analyzing facts, retirement planning software and sales tracking. Discusses the role of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and tax policies in retirement planning and the suitability of various accumulation vehicles, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, life insurance and annuities for retirement planning. Explains how retirement planning creates estate planning needs and addresses payout options, spousal benefits and investment strategies.

Tuition: $498.00

Includes: text by Okumura, Foundations of Retirement Planning, with workbook.

FA 271 Foundations of Estate Planning

Offers an introduction to estate planning and the role life insurance plays in the planning process. Discusses how different types of property are transferred during life and at death, and the tax implications of not planning. Also presents the steps required to settle an estate and discusses the importance of having a will, the gift and estate transfer tax system, state death and estate taxes, trusts and planning estates of business owners.

Tuition: $498.00

Includes: text by Stevick, Foundations of Estate Planning, with workbook.

FA 290 Ethics for the Financial Services Professional

Provides a practical framework for making ethical business decisions in the financial services industry. This ethical module examines legal, compliance and practice standards that apply to the financial services professional. It also investigates ethical approaches to placing financial products, determining suitability and assessing risk. Concludes with a final exam, which also must be taken if state continuing education credits are sought. The format is textbook self-study, with online exam (requires a proctor). (Students licensed in New York take paper exams.) Exam is required for state CE credit.

Tuition: $165.00

Includes: text by Duska, Ethics for the Financial Services Professional.

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