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Three Critical Requirements
What paperwork is necessary to record/maintain during the course I am moderating?

Three critical pieces of paperwork are REQUIRED:

  • The (referred to as the A&GR) - It is extremely important that all attendance and grade entries be made accurately in ink each week. The completed A&GR becomes the primary permanent student record. Entries are considered complete, accurate, and final when received by The American College. The completed A&GR must be returned with the packet of completed examinations.
  • Final Exam Request/Class Roster Form- This form must be completed and returned after the 2nd class session in order for the Moderator or Proctor to receive the course exam packet.
  • The Final Exam - To receive credit for an FA course, all students must take a final exam. Exams are typically 50 multiple-choice questions that are administered by the Moderator during the 9th week of class. The exams are then mailed back to The College for grading.
Live Local Classroom Resources FAQs
What should I do to cancel a class due to low enrollment?
The minimum class size is 4 students. If you do not have enough students to hold a class, contact Professional Education and request to cancel your class.
What should I do to change the start or final exam date of a class?
Contact Professional Education and request to change the start or final exam date.
What criteria must I (the moderator) follow selecting my class's final exam proctor?

What criteria must students follow when selecting a proctor for a final exam reschedule or retake?
Click here to view The College's Exam Proctor Criteria
When will the final exams for my class be sent?
A Final Exam Request/Class Roster Form must be received in order for exams to be sent. Exams are mailed on a continuous basis 7 to 10 days prior to the exam date indicated on the Final Exam Request Form.
What if a student cannot take the final exam with their class?
For any student who is absent from the regular final exam session, students have one year from the date of their missed examination to pay $125* to reschedule and take their final exam. Full fee registration is required after this date and students must retake and successfully complete the classroom component of their course to be eligible for the final exam. Instruct students to submit a Final Exam Reschedule Form .
What if a student does not pass their final exam?
Students who do not pass the final exam on their first attempt, but have met all other course requirements, have one year from the date of the failed examination to schedule an exam retake with The College. Students are charged $125 (subject to a yearly increase) in order to administer the exam retake. Instruct students to submit a Final Exam Retake form in order to schedule their exam retake. Students can only retake the final exam once. If students do not pass the retake, they must register for the course again paying full tuition and retake the class work component of the course.
What if a student in my class requires special needs under ADA, or if English is their second language?
The student must send a written request at least 2 weeks prior to the final exam date including name, course and medical documentation of their disability. Students should send to Examination Systems, The American College, 270 S. Bryn Mawr Ave., Bryn Mawr, PA 19010 or fax it to 610-526-1414. Once you (the moderator) receive approval from The American College, you may extend as much time as needed to the student to complete the exam.

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